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Our Core Values

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  • I love Swanzey adjustable bed by U.S. Sleep Products

    "I bought this saving almost $1k from
    the one they were selling at Mattress
    Firm. The massage feature is definitely
    louder than the one at the store, but
    not sure it's worth $1k either. The Zero
    Gravity feature is THE BEST! I should've
    bought this for my old mattress and not
    waited til I was ready for a new
    mattress... it totally worked with the
    old. What was I waiting for?"

    John Fulmer, Palm Spring, CA
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  • I strongly recommend Swanzey Mattress by U.S. Sleep Products anytime

    "These mattresses are the best, I
    bought another one for my twin
    babies and it's awesome! I just love
    it every time that I have to buy a
    mattress I always buy from this
    brand. I highly recommend it!"
    Amira Caskey, Miami, FL
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  • Best Memory Foam Pillow. I enjoy my night with beautiful memories

    " Ever since I bought this product, it has really revitalize sleeping sleeping experience and all thanks to the U.S. Sleep Products store, they helped me in making the right choice and it's really affordable"
    Manny Patel, Vegas, NV
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  • Amazing Kids Products by Swanzey

    "This kids mattress
    is exactly what I was looking for to
    make a more suitable, beautiful and comfortable bed for my kids. I place it
    right where i imagined it to be and it Works great. haven't seen my kids so happy and restful in a while. Thanks to Swanzey. I would
    absolutely order more of your products."

    Katrina Lyman, Austin, TX
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  • Elevate Your Sleep Experience with U.S. Sleep Products™: A Fusion of Comfort and Technology

    In today’s fast-paced world, quality sleep is more crucial than ever for overall well-being. Recognizing this, U.S. Sleep Products™ stands as a beacon of innovation, crafting premium sleep systems that prioritize both comfort and advanced technology.

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  • "Unlock the Secrets to a Blissful Night's Sleep with Our Revolutionary Sleeping Products

    At U.S. Sleep Products, we understand that quality sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy, fulfilling life. With our innovative sleeping products, you can finally bid farewell to restless nights and awaken each morning feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the day. Experience the transformative power of superior sleep – invest in your well-being today.

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