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Superior comfort, durability, and support!

A Brief History of U.S. Sleep Products

At U.S. Sleep Products TM we believe that everyone should enjoy a healthful, restful night's sleep. We believe that if you offer a true benefit at a reasonable price, you will succeed in bringing to market a true value to the consumer. This is the philosophy behind U.S.P. We have constructed premium, sleep systems with advanced technology to provide the consumer with superior comfort, durability and support at value levels not found elsewhere.

Our line of sleep systems adapt to the way you sleep and are made with multiple layers of a proprietary Visco Elastic Memory Foam MRX3. MRX3 is an exclusive formula of high density memory foam which is Temperature Balanced to match your environment. It will not make you feel hot, yet will react to your body's temperature to mold to each contour of your body, regardless of your sleeping position.

Innerspring mattresses can only absorb pressure by compressing the springs within. At some point, the spring begins to "push back". This "push back" effect creates pressure points which in turn, creates capillary restriction (loss of blood flow). Your body registers this loss of blood flow and causes you to move into another position to return blood flow to the affected area. This is "Tossing and Turning" and robs you of a good night's sleep. Capillary blood flow loss is achieved at 30mm Hg pressure per square inch.

Our system has been tested to have the least amount of pressure points above 30mm Hg per square inch. The result is a healthy and restful sleep.